Bookings Essential

Also, try to collect your bike at the agreed collection date or within a delay of 3 working days. After this delay we will charge a daily late pick-up fee of 10 CHF.

Our pre-service check-in is thorough. So, be patient – don’t rush the process. Help us to find out what you want and, especially, what your bike needs. We want you to walk out knowing what needs to be done – no surprises. We want your bike to work the best it can because the quality of the ride is a reflection on us.

We are happy when you collect your bicycle and say “Wow, my bike looks new” or “wow my bike is smooth again”. Your appreciation is our best reward.

Walking in without a booking puts everyone under pressure. It slows down the process of getting booked bikes out in time. It interrupts a planned mechanical procedure. It can cause mistakes and we really want to avoid that.

So please book: 041 711 45 51  or via our online tool:

Thank you. Your Cycling Lounge Team

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