Repair service

Prices do not include the cost of materials! You can request an appointment for repairs using our online form:

Schedule a repair

Schedule a repair


  • Wheel check including centring if needed
  • Tyre and air pressure check
  • Full cable adjustment
  • Brake adjustment and brake pad check
  • Gear adjustment, chain check including oiling
  • Bottom bracket, wheel bearing and headset clearance check
  • Light check
  • Roadworthiness check for all equipment
  • Test ride
Price Check-Up

Small parts & cleaning material
CHF 95,–

CHF 12,-


  • The bike is completely cleaned with soapy water
  • The drive is degreased
  • All moving parts are lubricated again
Preise Reinigung
Price CHF 66,–

Service 1

  • The bike (including drive train) is cleaned and tested extensively with regard to safety and functioning
  • Wheels are checked and centred
  • Tyre (pressure) is checked
  • Brake and brake pad adjustment
  • Chain oil is checked
  • Adjustment of gears and cables
  • Bearing maintenance
  • All screws are tightened
  • Light function check
  • Final test ride
Preise Service 1
plus small parts & cleaning material CHF 18,–
Racing bike CHF 245,–
MTB & Fully CHF 275,–
City & E-bike CHF 286,–

Service 2

  • Includes all services from Service 1
  • Additional cleaning of all parts including the chain, cassette, sprockets, crankset, bearings and shifters
  • Oiling of moving parts
  • Final testing of all equipment for roadworthiness
  • Individual components are replaced if needed
Preise Service 2
plus small parts & cleaning material CHF 23,–
Racing bike CHF 320,–
MTB / Fully CHF 378,– / 420,-
City & E-bike CHF 355,–

Fork service

  • The fork is entirely taken apart and cleaned
  • All seals are replaced
  • Filling with new oil
  • Fork is installed and tested for functionality
  • Final test ride
  • Fork is adjusted to rider
Preise Gabelservice
Price depends on the effort required